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A Term loan is a simple way to borrow money when you need it without getting into the complexities of varying repayment schedules and amounts. With these loans you pay back a specified sum over a pre-determined period of time.  For instance, you may pay on a monthly repayment schedule or a quarterly one, as per your preferences. You can take a term loan for as little as one year and as long as ten years or more. The typical term loans come with either a fixed interest rate or a variable interest rate.

Given the many variations that are possible with term loans, you need to invest enough time and attention in comparing different loan options to find the one that makes most sense for you. This is where a loan calculator comes in real handy, letting you simply plug in numbers to determine the true impact of the loan on your finances.

With this efficient term loan calculator, you can determine the monthly installments that you will need to pay out, the total interest that you will be paying over the term of the loan.


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